Thursday, 19 November 2015

Younique 3D Fiber Lashes+

I have joined the fabulous company of Younique for around a month now. And i wanted to give a quick review on one of it's most popular products. The 3D Fiber Lashes+. At £23 it is alot out my price range, the most id want to spend is £12, but from the results, i have added it to my specail make-up range to use on special occasions, social gatherings and when i want to make that extra effort.

Firstly, What it claims. It claims to increase lash volume by up to 400%. Increase eyelashes length overtime and that it is waterproof. So does it do all these? Easy answer. YES. You want see the increased lash size straight away, but give it time and you soon realise the difference.

It is 100% waterproof, and i found even after a night out the day after my mascara was still fully on! Now that was impressive. 

If your wanting to exchange your fake eyelashes for a mascara, i would fully recommend younique. All opinions are my own and i'm no expert at make-up. So when i think it's good it must be! hehe.

The link for you ladies to buy it is here. Give it a try, and even if you don't like it, Younique offer a 14 day love it guarantee. Meaning you can get a refund or choose something else from the website. Great right?!


Monday, 11 May 2015

My Guinea Pigs

I quick video i put together of my guinea pigs. Gremlin, Gizmo, inky a.k.a. Little one and rat.

If you want to see more of them just let me know :)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Soap & Glory Mantrap Lipstick

We all love Soap & Glory, and we all love lipstick, so what a great combination of the two! I'm already a huge fan of the lipgloss, Soap & Glory are the only lipgloss that i use, so while my love for lipstick is increasing, i wanted to try out there Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick for £9 in the shade Mantrap. What a name huh.

The first thing i love about this product is the design. The lipstick is in a thick plain black case which just screams elegance. The colour is a divine red, but not over the top or bright, subtle but just the right shade to give your lips that ommft of hottness.
The formula is very creamy with a silky smooth texture that glides onto your lips for a flattering finish. The colour last alot longer than most lipstick brands i know, and leaves your lips looking glossy without drying out. There isn't much more i can say about this lipstick, a quick review other than it's a elegant long wearing smooth lipstick at an affordable price. I just wish they had more colours to choose from.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

New Maybelline Dream Flawless Foundation

I'll start off with the good things about the New Maybelline Dream Flawless Foundation. It is a medium coverage foundation that does leave your skin almost pore free without clogging. It covered up my imperfections and left my skin looking smooth with yes, a flawless finish. It did leave my forehead a little dry, but i do have dry skin anyway. The foundation latest for most of the day and left my skin feeling light with little need to top up. It is also great for sensitive skin for no irritation after application. My skin generally looked alot healthier and clear after using this foundation. For a price of £8.99, it is a great if your looking for a good natural coverage.

Now, as much as i love the fact that this foundation covered up my pores and left my skin looking in great condition. I not be purchasing it again. The new application stick and the size of the bottle left me feeling.. baffled. I may seem harsh but i think it's pointless and caused me more hassle than it would if it was a pump. I found it would add more time onto the application of my make-up and although this isnt a big deal, when your in a rush for work and your having to dab the stick into the bottle 3-4 times the time adds up. I also found because of the bottle size it didn't last me as long as my previous foundations which are around the same price with near the same results. If you can get past the applicator then it is a very good high street foundation, and anyone with large pores i would recommend to try it, but i just couldn't agree with it.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Highstreet vs High price Cleansing Water

I love cleansing waters. I first discovered the solution after my skin became very sensitive to make-up wipes and my skin would end up breaking out, feeling dry, they were doing more harm than good so i looked for other alternatives.

Loreal Paris Skin Perfection Micellar Water was the first cleansing water i ever tried. Priced at £4.99 but most of the time on offer for £3.33, i matched it up with the moisturiser and the serum from there Skin Perfection range. It claims to dissolve make-up without rubbing, unclogs pores, tones and smoothes your skin. So, is this true? The formula does dissolve make-up easy enough on a cotton pad with a few wipes around the face. It says you can hold the solution over your eyelashes with no need to rub, i however found this technical did not work for removing my eye make-up and i need to rub was used, on both waterproof and none water proof mascara. It is great for sensitive skin and did leave my skin feeling soft and generally clean after. My pores looked clean after and my skin wasn't tight. The solution as no odorous smell, just a plain white solution which does exactly what it says. 

Next up is a more expensive cleaning water. From the Avene range, the Cleaning water is priced at £16 for a 400ml bottle at boots. A steep price to pay for something just to remove your make-up, but is that all it does? The product is for oily to blemished prone-skin and you may of guest it, i love this one too! Unlike the Loreal Paris Micellar Water, i find with the Avene Cleansing water i can have a lazy day when it comes to my cleansing routine and instead of doing the full sha-bam, i can use this product and know my skin has had a good clean and won't suffer the next morning. It clears away every trace of make-up including water proof mascara, leaving my skin tight free and feeling fresh. It is senstive skin friendly and cleared out my pores, with obviously noticeable results. It tones and controls the oil in your skin well and also, helped my skin with dryness. It has so many positive effects to the skin that £16 for this product doesn't seem much of an issue anymore.

New to my routine is the Botanics 3 in 1 Cleansing Solution. Cheapest of the 3 for only £2.99, currently on sale for £1.49, i have only used the solution a couple of times with the recommendation from my friend. For all skin types, it left my skin looking clean and make-up free, removing my eye make-up and even my water proof-mascara. It cleared out my pores and for such a little price, it does the job. I did find however, it left my skin quite dry, a little sore and tight. As i said above, i have sensitive skin, so i don't think this solution suited my skin type, but for the price it's worth a try if your on a budget. 

Saturday, 2 May 2015

TopShop Haul

I recently went to TopShop with my friend who came up to visit from london. I didn't intend to buy anything, but after picking up some great bargains from the sale rail i thought i was share with you what i brought!

The first thing i came across was this gorgeous burgundy jumper. For some reason it looks red! It's not. It does have a redy tone but its more of a dark purple than red. Originally priced at £36, i got it on sale for £10 !! It is an oversized jumper which hits below my waste line. I'm going to wear it with leggings and even skinny jeans for a grunge relaxed look. It is killingly soft and comfy although the material is a little itchy after i've worn it for a little while.

Second piece of clothing i came across in the sale rail was this simplistic top for £8. Originally priced at £18. It isn't a full length t-shirt but just longer than a crop top, and is great for making a fashion statement with a pair of black jeans. Again the material is soft and is a comfortable wear. The back of the top has a zip adding that extra detail to the top which i don't normally like, especially tops that have zips at the front, but something about the style of the top makes it work and the zip isn't overly long either.

I'm in desperate need for new nail vanish! And i must say i am still a virgin when it comes to TopShop cosmetics. I decided to go for a metallic colour instead of my usual neutral and red tones. The colour looks gorgeous on, and really shines once the light hits. I only needed to apply two coats as the liquid has a nice thick texture and glides onto the nails well. At a sale price of £3 i wish i had brought more colours.

Last but not least lipstick! I have been edging to try TopShop lipsticks and generally all TopShop makeup as i keep hearing raving reviews. I especially like the packaging design, is that sad?  I opted for the shade Mercurial, which without realising is a metallic shaded lipstick. Being a neutral colour of nude, the metallic finish make's your lips stand out, and although this wouldn't have been my first choice, it's starting to grow on me and i'm wearing it everyday.  My first impressions is that it is soft and rubs onto your lips well with a smooth finish, it makes me feel like i have moisturiser on my lips. I now want to add to my collection and buy more!

Hope you enjoyed my haul. What's your favourite TopShop lipsticks?  

My top 6 Programs to watch

I thought i would share with you a different kind of post today. My top 6 programs that i am currently watching and think you should all watch too. In no particular order.

1. The walking dead. I originally tried watching it months ago, but after 2 episodes i thought it wasn't for me. A couple of weeks ago i decided to give it another try and now... i'm hooked. Because there aren't a vast amount of main characters you get emotionally connected to there outcome. A program based on a zombie outbreak, it has a great storyline not only about the recent events of people coming back to life after death, but the personal live's too.

2. Criminal minds. I've watched this program since the very beginning, and after 10 series, i'm still not bored. Normally after season 8 programs seem to go down hill, but Criminal Minds have had the same consistency through-out with the episodes drawing you in with each case the agents solve. Yes that's right, if you didn't know already, Criminal Minds is about FBI agents who are profilers solving murder cases. You also get a glimpse into there own personal lives so it's not all about the crime. I definitely rate this a 9/10.

3. Gossip girl. xoxo. Although the program is no longer aired, all seasons can be watched on Netflix and i frequently watched them all back to back. As the show goes on, it gets better and better following the lives on Manhattan's elite school kids and there parents. There are twists and lots of drama through-out the seasons following there, love life, going from school life to working life, the parent's struggles, and not to mention the evil twists of characters such a Georgina Sparks. It mainly revolves around an online website named gossip girl that posts about there lives on the internet for everyone to see and read, there is no hiding from gossip girl. One to watch for all girls.

4. The Following. Based around one criminal, Joe Caroll,  follows the story of his escape and the cult that follow in his footsteps. Detective Hardy does all that he can to protect the ones that he loves, especially Joe Caroll's wife and kid. Without giving too much away, the main purpose of Joe Caroll is to seek revenge on detective hardy from previous events. A thrilling programs with lots of action and twists. If you love crime programs, this is the one for you.

5. Orphan black. Such a great program and one which i think should have more publicity than it does. Based around a character named Sarah, who witnessed a woman's death that looked exactly like her, decide's to steal her identity. It then un-folds when more characters pop up who, look like Sarah. Or is it Sarah that looks like them? It is then learned that there all clones, and they must fight to stay alive and Sarah to protect her daughter from the dangers ahead. Truly a program with a great plot with a darkness that brings out the best in the street-wise main character Sarah.

6. Grey's Anatomy! One of my all time favourite's. Currently on season 11, yes i do think it has gone down-hill, but for a program to be running for so long there is only so much drama to be had i suppose. That being said, i watch it nearly everyday and i still love all the old seasons. I'm sure i don't have to explain the plot by now, if you'v never heard of Grey's Anatomy, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??

I found it real hard to narrow down my top 6 programs to watch. There are so many that i think are worth the time and effort.  What are your recommendations? I hope you enjoyed this kind of post.